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Sustainability Insights for Electric Power Sector Transformation

This book presents the electric power sector as the combination of Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) systems into an infrastructural value chain managed by a value constellation of stakeholders. The demand for global sustainability and emerging technological convergences are synergizing to transform the sector towards decarbonization enabled by digitalization and decentralization.

Sustainability insights on the simultaneously evolutionary and revolutionary processes that are helping the electric power sector to improve is provided by using Nigeria as a metaphor of underperformance. 

New Release

Structural and Leadership Insights for National Sustainable Development

The book is based on my seven (7) years direct observations, participation and communications in the contemporary Nigerian system from the villages, wards, LGAs, States and country. After over 25 years of American education and corporate experiences I went home as a returnee, missionary and/or expert depending on who you ask.

The book captures the structural, leadership and development challenges in the country and prescribes the way forward. There is an urgent need for real transformation starting at our States using what we call operational citizenship and smartphone democracy for comprehensive sustainable development planning and implementation.