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    Deacon Dr. Paul Siewers
    February 20, 2022

    It is hard to lose a mother. But she lives on with our Lord Jesus, and also here on earth through her memory and family and influence. Often you can know a mother by her son, and it is such a blessing to know her son Victor here in Pennsylvania in the U.S. Through his faithful service and dedicated leadership skills, and through all the comments and testimonials about her collected here, I feel I've gotten to know her a little, and that is such a blessing, too. May the Lord bless her and your whole family!

    February 12, 2022

    To God be the glory

    Innocent Archibong
    February 17, 2022

    It was really an honour by God, her Maker, and humanity to a mother, teacher and a role model, Mama Grace.
    She was a woman with a compassionate heart!
    All that were done to mark her return to her Maker were what Mama would do if she was physically present.
    Thanks to Dr Victor leading this memorial.
    I was there in person.
    May God be praised forever for the gift of a mother, Eka Bro Vic.


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